Learn to Swim Levels

Learn to Swim Levels

NURSE SHARK – Parent and Me – 6 to 18 months
Fun introduction to swimming for children and parents

WHALE SHARK – Pool Safe Level 1 – 2 yrs old and under
Advanced pool safe level for children with parents assisting outside the pool

LEMON SHARK – Water Survival 01 – 4 yrs old and under
First level in Water Survival for children who are completely comfortable in the water

GREY REEF SHARK – Water Survival 02 – 4 yrs old and under
Water Survival advanced level for children who are ready to swim

SAND SHARK – Pool Safe Level 1 – 4 yrs old and over
Introductory level for children that have not had any swimming experience or who are new to our Learn to Swim program

BULL SHARK – Water Survival – 4 yrs old and over
Level open to any child who has completed the Sand Shark Level or any child who has aged out of the Gray Shark Level.

ANGEL SHARK – Special Abilities Level 1
Level open only to swimmers with special abilities – beginning level

LEOPARD SHARK – Special Abilities Level 2
Level open only to swimmers with special abilities – advanced level – Students can move to upper levels if they choose to.

MAKO SHARK – Stroke Development Level 1
Mako shark is the fist of three levels in our stroke development program. In this level we begin the process of preparing your little sharks to join our great Hammerhead Swim Team program.

TIGER SHARK – Stroke Development Level 2
The Tiger shark level is the second level in Stroke Development Techniques

GREAT WHITE SHARK – Junior Swim Team
The Great White Shark is our most advanced level before USS Hammerhead Team


SEVENGILL SHARK – Adult Swimming Level 1
It is NEVER too late to learn to swim! We can help!

THRESHER SHARK – Adult Swimming Level 2
Advanced level for adult swimmers. After this level they can join Hammerhead Aquatics – Masters Level