Water Survival

Bull Shark – Water Survival

The Bull shark level is the second level for 4 year olds and older. This level is open to any child who has completed the Sand Shark Level or any child who has aged out of the Gray Shark Level. In this level we will begin to teach the child correct breathing techniques and Freestyle and Backstroke. We will also begin rotational breathing and the introduction to competitive swimming terms. Each child will be taught the correct streamline position and correct leg position for kicking. Children in this level will begin to wear goggles and caps. As always we end each lesson with feedback and homework to essure the learning continues at home.


Bull Shark (Pool Safe Level 2) Ratio 4:1

  • 1- Child can kick back to the wall in streamline 10 yards
  • 2-  Child can Swim- Flip- Swim
  • 3- Child can swim Freestyle 10 yards
  • 4- Child can swim Backstroke stroke for 10 yards