Registration process for new swim club members

Prior to filling out the forms make sure to go through a try-out with the head Coach. Email to or to communicate with the coaches about coming to try-out on Wednesday at 6:15 PM. 

Registration process for new swim club members has three parts:

  1. Registration with Hammerhead Aquatics swim club for contact and billing purposes
  2. Registration with USA Swimming in order to compete and practice 
  3. Join Remind App for text/app notifications. 

Without completing both registrations you won’t be allowed to attend swim practices.

Step 1: Follow this link to fill out our club forms and billing information:

After this registration is complete you will be able to receive emails from our staff, including swim meet information.

Step 2: Follow this link and complete registration with USA Swimming in order to practice and be entered into swim meets:

Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks register FLEX MEMBERSHIP
All other groups must register PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

Step 3: Join the REMIND group text message notifications
>>> Tiger and Great White Shark groups, text “@6kfb677” to 81010
>>> All other groups, text this message: “@rgorel” to 81010   

In case of cancellation, change of practice location (using back up pool) and  for other club news we often use Remind App Notifications. You can be signed up only to receive text messages or download the app as well (recommended)  

After successful registration you will receive 2 Team Swim caps, Team T-shirt and a  member pin. Please keep in mind that all of our athletes are supposed to have assigned gear at every practice. Full list of equipment needed you can find here: