Stroke Level 1

Mako Shark – Level 2

Mako shark is the fist of three levels in our stroke development program. In this level we will begin the process of preparing your little sharks to join our Great Hammerhead Swim Team program.This level is open to any child that has completed our learn to swim program and is interested in mastering strokes.  In this level we will start to teach the four strokes of swimming. We will begin to teach correct technical corrections and perfect technique while working on distance. In this level we will be asking the children to complete a minimum distance of 20 yards in Freestyle and Backstroke in addition to introducing Breaststroke and Butterfly.


Mako Shark (Stroke Level 1) Ratio: 4:1

  • 1- Child swims Freestyle with rotational breathing for 25 yards
  • 2- Child Swim Backstroke for 20 yards
  • 3- Child can swim 10 yards of Breaststroke
  • 4- Child can swim basic Butterfly for 10 yards