Adult Level 2

Thresher Shark – Level 2

Thresher Shark level is Adult Level 2 this level is the last level prior to joining our successful Hammerhead Masters Swim Team. In this level we will teach you all four strokes while perfecting technique and working on building distance and stamina. This level is 45 minutes long and begins the process of introduction into swim team concepts. This level is perfect for the new competitive swimmer, triathlete or military or first responder.

Thresher Shark​ (Adult Level 2) Ratio 6:1 – 45 mins • Ages 12 and up


1- Adult must swim freestyle with side breathing for 100 yards
2- Adult must swim Backstroke for 25 yards
3- Adult must swim legal Breaststroke 25 yards
4- Adult must be able to swim 25 yards Butterfly