Water Survival 01

Water Survival 01
4yrs and under

The Lemon Shark level is the first level in Water Survival for under 4 year olds.  In this level the children are completely comfortable in the water with our teachers. The children in this level have mastered all of the goals for our Whale shark program and are ready to begin Water Survival 1. This level is also appropriate for any child with basic swimming experience over the age of 2.  Each child is starting to swimming substansial distance and working on the introductory skills to learning how to start the process of breathing independently. The Lemon shark level is designed to prepare the children for water survival not just in pools but in any body of water they may encounter, that is why floating floating independently on the back and the front in an important part of this level. As always we end each program with playtime and homework.


Lemon Shark: Parents sit behind child on side of the Pool  (Water Survival 1) Ratio: 4:1

Children 3 and over can start in this level

  • 1- Child can float on Back and Front for 10 seconds unassisted
  • 2- Child can swim independently back to the wall 5 feet
  • 3- Child can push off wall and roll on back and float unassisted
  • 4- Child can Jump in rollover float and return to the wall and exit