Water Survival 02

Water Survival 02

Gray Reef shark is our Water Survival advanced level for children under the age of 4. Children new to the program must complete the Lemon Shark level to be enrolled in this group.  In this level the children will be learning the basic strokes such as Freestyle and Backstroke, while having fun. Since we will begin to introduce concepts of competitive swimming in this level the children will begin to wear goggles and Swim Caps.  This level will focus on making sure the child can retrieve items underwater comfortably in addition to completing the first steps in rotational breathing. In this level we will begin to use technical swimming terms and we will end each lesson with homework for the students.


Gray Reef Shark: (Water Survival 2) Ratio 4:1

  • 1- Child can kick back to the wall in Streamline
  • 2- Child can Swim- Flip- Swim for 10 yards
  • 3- Child can swim 5 feet underwater and pick up objects
  • 4- Child can swim beginner  Backstroke and Freestyle