Level 1

Special Abilities – Angel Shark – Level 1

Hammerhead Aquatics has always provided exceptional lessons to those with Special Abilities. Our Special Abilities program is tailor made for each exceptional Student with the final goal of mainstreaming the individual into our Learn to Swim Program or Competitive Swim Team. We at Hammerhead Aquatics understand the exceptional abilities of all of our swimmers and make sure that our teaching methods reflect that. Our instructors have extensive background teaching, training and studying with individuals with Special Abilities. Many of our special needs swimmers have participated in Special Olympics at local, national and international championships. They have also been mainstreamed into USA Swimming  and USMS competitions.


Angel Shark- Private Lessons – Level 1

  • 1- Child is calm and content
  • 2- Child is able to fully go under water
  • 3- Child can jump in and return to the wall
  • 4- child can enter and exit water safely