6 to 18 months

6 to 18 months
Parent and Me

The Nurse Shark level is the perfect introduction to Pool Safety and Swimming lessons for any child under 18 months. The ratio for the class is 4 children and 4 parents to 1 teacher ensuring lots of hands on time with the Instructor. In this level we will introduce your child to how much fun the water can be, incorporating sensory input and fun songs we will create a warm and welcoming space for your child to learn. This level serves and an introduction to our program and allows your child to become comfortable in the water and with our trained staff of professionals. This level teaches your child how to comfortably go under the water and exit and enter the pool safely, and “crab crawl” along the side to start gaining independence from the parent. We end each class with organized playtime and feedback and homework from the teacher, giving the parents goals to work on at home to ensure the learning process never stops.

Nurse Shark: Parent and Me
(Pool Safe Level 1)

All children 18 months and under MUST Start in this level

1- Child is able to willingly go to teacher without fear
2- Child is able to fully go underwater
3- Child can enter and exit pool safely not using the stairs or ladder
4- Child can crab walk along side of pool