Adult Level 1

Sevengill Shark – Level 1

Welcome to the SevenGill Shark level or level 1 of Adult learn to swim program. This level is perfect for the non-swimmer, or the swimmer who wishes to learn in a safe environment. According to the American Red Cross 64% of adults globally cannot save themselves in a water related emergency. The Seven Gill Shark level is perfect for learning basic water survival as an adult, in this level we will learn how to float, swim 20 yards and start the process of rotary breathing. This level is 45 minutes and taught by experienced instructors and will take you from hesitation to perfection in the water.

Sevengill Shark ​(Adult Level 1) Ratio 6:1- 45 mins Ages 12 and up


  • 1- Adult must be able to Push Glide off wall and swim elementary backstroke
  • 2- Adult must front float and back float independently
  • 3- Adult must kick independently for 20 yards with a board
  • 4- Adult must Swim- Flip- Swim for 10 yards