Pool Safe

Sand Shark – Pool Safe

Sand shark is and introductory level for children over the age of 4 that have not had any swimming experience or who are new to our learn to swim program. This level is and introduction to our Program and serves and a basic pool safe level for school aged children. In this level we will teach children how to float both front and back in addition to swim a minimum of 5 feet unassisted. We will also teach the children what to do in any situation if they fall into the water. This is a perfect level for any child who is hesitant around the water and needs some extra attention getting acclimated into swimming. As always we end each level with homework and feedback so that learning can always continue outside of the pool.


Sand Shark (Pool safe Level 1) Ratio 4:1

All Children over 4 MUST start in this Level unless coming from other levels in the under 4

  • 1-  Child can Float on Back and Front for 10 sec. unassisted
  • 2- Child can swim independently back to the wall 5 feet
  • 3-  Child can push off the wall and roll on back and float unassisted
  • 4-  Child can Jump in Rollover and Float and return to the wall and exit