Jr. Swim Team

Great White Shark – Junior Swim Team

The Great White Shark is our most advanced level before USS Hammerhead Team. This level we will master distance and technical conditions in preparation for competition. Each child will have the option to compete on the swim team and participate in swim team activities. We will continue to improve technical aspects in addition to introduce flip-turns and dives to the children. This level is 45 minutes of fun and swimming, it you are looking at giving swim team a try this is a great introduction to the sport. Each lessons will be designed to have fun educational games that improves strokes and stamina.


Great White Shark (Stroke Level 3- Jr. Swim Team) Ratio 10:1

  • 1- Child dive in swim 50 yards Freestyle with a Flip Turn
  • 2- Child swim 50 yards Backstroke with Flip Turn
  • 3- Child swim 50 yards Breaststroke
  • 4- Child swim 25 yards Butterfly