18 months to 2yrs

Whale Shark
Pool Safe Level 2

Children 18 months and older or children that have completed the goals of Nurse Shark.

This level is a more advanced pool safe level for children over 18 months or children that have successfully completed the goals of the Nurse shark level. In this level the parent is not in the pool with the teacher, however the parent is playing a supportive role by participating in the class by sitting behind the student. In this level we will teaching the child what to do in the student falls into a body of water. We will teach them how to float assisted and how to Jump in and return back to the wall safely. Using play and fun activities you child will learn to successfully start to navigate the water while completing the goals of this level. As always we will end class with organized playtime and homework, so your learning will continue at home or in the pool.


Whale Shark: Parents sit behind child on side of the pool (Pool Safe Level 2) Ratio: 4:1

  • 1-  Child can float assisted on Back and Front
  • 2- Child can do bob holding on to side of the Pool
  • 3- Child can Jump in and kick back to the wall and climb out
  • 4- Child is calm and able to sit on side of the pool independently